• Taskari

    Tasks, Goals, Chores and more...

  • Managed Heat

    Open source software and hardware heating control system...

  • Fathom HQ

    Budgeting and forecasting for Freeagent...

  • Creations

    We love creating cloud and device based solutions! A lot of our creations are open source, and if they aren't, they are likely to be soon.

    Take a look at what we are working on...

  • Web, Mobile, Desktop

    We work with it all! Windows Desktop, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, MVC, WebAPI, WCF, Azure.

    Whether it is a complete solution or help for your own projects. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

  • Need help?

    Application design, build or integration giving you headaches?

    We specialise in developing and integrating enterprise solutions using fantastic technologies including .Net, Xamarin, Azure, jQuery and Knockout.

  • Devices

    We are using technology from Microsoft and Spark.io to bring The Internet of Things to life.

    Home automation, HomeKit, Allseen Alliance. We can't wait.